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Kickboxing combines cardio, resistance, and interval training to make the most of your workout sessions. Rather than breaking up workouts by muscle group, kickboxing works the entire body to ensure fast and extreme results!

  • Escape from the stresses of daily life with an intense cardio workout

  • Lose weight, improve stamina, build strength

  • Develop fundamental knowledge for self-defense

  • Flexible programs teach basic and advanced techniques

  • Complement your grappling to round out your mixed martial arts skillset


What is the difference between muay thai and kickboxing?

Simply put, knees elbows and clinches.  Kickboxing is limited to only punching and kicking, but muay thai allows you to incorporate the other 4 points of your body, your knees and your elbows.  Here at Factum, you will train in both.  Our classes are designed to give you a great sweat, produce fantastic results, give you the confidence of self-defense and make you a better fighter.  

Do I have to spar at the kickboxing classes?

We spar everyday, but no, you never have to spar.  Some of the best fighters in Utah are training right here at Factum and they would love to spar with you, but if you never want to get hit in the face, that's okay too!  

kickboxing classes in Sandy utah
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