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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic lifts teaches an athlete how to apply large amounts of force in one explosive moment. Olympic lifters have the extraordinary ability to activate more of their muscle fibers more rapidly than others who aren't trained to do so. This explosive power is extremely important for athletes in all sports. This power, sometimes called plyometric or fast twitch power, will allow an athlete to hit harder, jump higher and grapple more explosively.

Olympic Lifting Clean and Jerk.jpg

Great Atmosphere

Factum Barbell has an incredibly supportive atmosphere.The Olympic lifters help spot each other, help each other achieve perfect form, and act as surrogate cheerleaders! You will feel like you're part of a genuine team that supports you inside the facility, and travels around the state to support their own at local competitions!

Get a great physique

One of the fastest ways to gain muscle and lose fat is to develop stronger fast twitch strength. Few programs out there will burn fat faster, and increase muscular gains thatn Olmpic lifting programs.


Factum Barbell Club competes around the Salt Lake Valley in local meets and competitions. The atmosphere at these events is extremely supportive and inclusive, and everyone from beginner's to national qualifiers compete together. If you are looking for your next competitive outlet, or a competitive atmosphere to keep you focused in the off season, Factum Barbell is the place.

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