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Wanna learn to win in the cage? How about to defend yourself? Factum MMA is the class you MUST take. We focus on not one martial art in this class, but how best to combine the various martial arts into one lethal fighter. We will teach you how to incorporate the striking you learn in muay thai to set up your wrestling style takedowns, so that you can pummel your opponent with strikes and submissions, the ones you learned in Jiu Jitsu. We also focus on the arts that have proven effective in the UFC.

Every UFC fighter has some level of experience in muay thai, wrestling and jiu jitsu. No katas, no belts just practical MMA that builds champions.

What's the difference between MMA and all the other Martial Arts

MMA is a composite of all the various forms. It's generally assumed that to be a great MMA combatant, you must first be proficient in a striking style as well as proficient as a grappler.  At Factum we believe a good base in boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu and folkstyle-wrestling are key to being ready for the cage.   

Do you train Pro fighters? And do you train beginners?

We do both! If it's your first class, we aren't going to send you to the wolves. You'll get plenty of one-on-one time, and make sure you understand the terms "Squish the bug", "Roll with the punch", "Jab/Cross/Hook", "Duck", "Slip" and a multitude of other terms. At Factum MMA you will get as little or as much sparring (contact) as you would like.

Want to be a hero against a bag for your whole career? No problem, it's a great workout! But if you are looking for sparring partners, we have, in our gym anything from beginners to UFC combatants as sparring partners.

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Do I really have to wrap my hands to try MMA?

Yes! Unless you're some kind of freak, you were born with 300 bones that magically turn into 206 bones by the time you became an adult. Over half of the bones in the human body are in your hands and feet. There are 27 individual bones in your hands and your hands aren't that big. That means those bones are quite small and fragile and should be looked after. We will teach you how best to properly wrap your hands.

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