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How Does Your Body Feel the Day After a Fight?

I would say your body feels about like it’s been hit by a train. After my most recent pro bout last month, which I won unanimously on the cards (I bring this up, only because, you hurt both after a win or a loss), just about everything hurt.

I probably had a minor concussion as I had some trouble formulating sentences the next day and was tired and foggy all day. I had received two sharp elbows in the middle of the second round while I had him in a leg ride, and those probably hurt the worst, as they were two massive bruises on both of my temples.

Towards the end of the 15-minute bout, he got his first takedown of the fight, and really made me pay for it. I chipped a tooth, cut my bottom lip, caught me on the chin (which made it hard to bite down), and applied devastating elbows to the body which made it hard to breathe, and finally he gave me some pretty decent welts around the eyes.

Lucky enough, he did not do much damage to my legs or arms, so I counted my blessings there, but all-in-all, my body and face ached like crazy. Whether you win a pro fight or lose it, you are very likely to take damage that leaves you hurting the next day, but most of the wounds are superficial, and you are usually like-new in a weeks time.

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